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Code of Conduct and Ethical Standards

In TACA, we are committed to our corporate responsibility, not only because it is an integral part of our business strategy, but because it reflects our principles and the way in which we portray the company as a trademark, as a business, and as individuals. This commits us to work with social responsibility everywhere we operate and conduct business.

Leadership in business practices, as well as our conduct as employees, are key in order to continue harvesting success in competitive international markets. This Code of Conduct and Ethical Standards establishes the principles and norms that we should abide by, adopt as our own, live by and externalize in all our areas of labor.

Our Code of Conduct and Ethical Standards is available in three languages: Spanish, English and Portuguese. Click on any of the links below to view the document in your preferred language:

In the interest of reinforcing and complying with this Code of Conduct and Ethical Standards, we have made available different contact channels to report situations that do not comply with the principles and norms set therein.

Everybody has the responsibility to report any conduct or situation that is considered incorrect, illegal or immoral, or that may be addressed in the Code of Conduct and Ethical Standards, through the different contact channels.

Should you have any complaint, inquiry, or feedback regarding this topic, please contact us through the available channels:

Phone Call

The TACA helpline is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This helpline is operated by an Ethics Office Specialist who will confidentially assist you. The call will be processed as follows:

  • There will always be an English and Spanish speaking specialist who will assist you
  • If a specialist isnít available, your call will be automatically transferred to an answering machine through which you will be able to confidentially report your complaint. Please know it is important that you leave your contact information so that we may call you to discuss the situation reported or to just obtain more details.
  • It is not mandatory that you give your name to the specialist assisting you, but in doing so, the company will be able to provide a better follow up to your case. However, you will always receive a case number to keep for your records.
  • The information you provide is for the exclusive use of the Ethics Office

City Country code Phone
Buenos Aires (5411) 4360 8219
Bogota (571) 6582227
Santiago de Chile (562) 4968215
La Paz (591) 22158217
Quito (5932) 397-8217
Caracas (58212) 956-8221
Lima (511) 2136074
San Pedro Sula (504) 5454155
San Jose, Costa Rica (506) 22421221
Managua (505) 2769966
Panama (507) 206-8250
San Salvador (503) 22473616
USA & Canada (877) 7275831
Guatemala (502) 2279 5765
Tegucigalpa (504) 2902886

Internet Link

You may fill out the complaint form.

Via E-Mail

Write to our e-mail: lineaetica@avianca.com

This initiative is part of our strategy to align our objectives as a team with the devotion, commitment and pride that characterizes us all; thus, guaranteeing a successful path for our company and contributing towards making it the number one preference of our clients, the number one investment preference of our shareholders, and the preferred place to work. We thank you for your commitment and help in reinforcing the practice of our Code of Conducts and Ethical Standards.