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Social media participation guide

The member companies of Avianca and TACA with online social media channels, reserve the right, at their sole discretion, to remove comments, photographs/images, spam or any forms of communication that different users post on their social networks, or to block users who publish comments, photographs/images, spam or any forms of communications that:

  • Are offensive, insulting, discriminatory or that discredit services, brands or products of Avianca and TACA, its employees or competitors.
  • Attack, defame, or attempt to defame or slander, companies or institutions.
  • Make reference to comments, photographs, spam or communications that have been blocked or removed as a result of the company exercising its right to remove the infringing material.
  • Denote a malicious intent.
  • Includes links that lead to content that violates moral ethics, poses a risk to health or that promote the use or consumption of prohibited substances, alcoholic drinks or make reference to criminal conduct.
  • Go against the express desire of the companies to create an inclusive online page or channel.
  • That includes explicit or covert advertising content other than advertising content published directly by Avianca and TACA.

The member companies of Avianca and Taca with social media channels are not responsible for the comments, opinions or any third party material that is shared, recommended or commented on by users, these are the sole responsibility of the author of that specific content and at no time represents an official position of the companies.

Followers who comment or tag photos with their own photographs or those of third parties will be responsible for the content of the comment or the tag and must:

  • Refrain from impersonating third parties and attaching text, images, photographs, videos, etc., that violate copyright or the intellectual property rights of third parties.
  • Do it in a respectful and constructive manner.
  • Avoid comments that are negative, malicious, offensive, or which have the purpose or effect of creating an intimidating or hostile environment or affecting the honor, good name or image of persons or institutions.
  • Respect the privacy of people.