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The publication of this website exists for the sole purpose of providing information about TACA, its subsidiaries and partners, and the services that they offer, and to facilitate the purchase and sale of TACA products and services. Publication of this information carries with it no express or implied warranties of any kind, which are hereby specifically excluded.

By accessing this website, users agree that TACA is not liable for any direct, indirect, or consequential loss or losses arising from the use of any of the information or material contained herein or from access to or use of any other material via links from this website. TACA is specifically not responsible for any claims, losses, or damages that may result from accessing third parties from this website such as hotels, travel agencies, and car rental companies, or from the purchase of any of the services they offer.

Although TACA makes every effort to maintain the information presented as current as possible, changing factors and conditions in the travel industry may result in changes in the terms and conditions of TACA services and products that are not yet reflected in this website. TACA therefore recommends that users confirm data with a company representative before relying on its accuracy.

Prices quoted are subject to change and may not be available to customers who purchase airline tickets and other products and services from a travel agency or TACA Center or airline counter. TACA does not guarantee the availability of any fare published in this site until a valid credit card number has been given, accepted, and confirmed, and an e-mail message sent to the buyer to document and reconfirm the purchase.

The carriage of passengers, baggage, and cargo is subject to all of the conditions and regulations established by the respective carrier(s), as are all of the other services and products described in this website. In case of a difference of opinion between a customer and TACA regarding the terms and conditions of sale or use of any of the company's products and services, the interpretation of TACA will prevail.