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What is a Code Share Agreement?

It is an alliance between 2 or more airlines, established with the aim of offering Passengers the ability to access new destinations and benefits, by expanding the route network offered by airlines via flights operated by partner airlines.

Its primary purpose is to share the sale of seats on specific flights. One airline is the operator of the route (aircraft, crews, permits) and the other(s) market the route by placing their code on the applicable flights/routes as per the agreement.

Any change in the itinerary and/or cancellation on the day of the operation (0-24 hours before scheduled flight departure) is handled by the operating airline at the airport. Changes in the itinerary and/or cancellations before the flight (2 or more days before scheduled flight departure), are handled by each marketing airline and they are responsible for promptly notifying the affected passengers.

The baggage policy that applies on codeshare flights is the policy of the airline operating the most significant segment (longest leg). You must check which airline this is when making your purchase.

Please note: The majority of agreements work this way, but there are exceptions depending on the type of agreement.

Benefits for you

  • Single carrier flight supervision: ticketing, baggage and, depending on the partner, passenger check-in.
    Just remember that our baggage policy only applies when the first flight of your trip is with TACA; otherwise, the baggage policy applicable will be that of the air partner you are flying with first.
  • Loyalty programs integration (depending on the partner).
  • Good connections thanks to a better schedule coordination.
  • Total flight time reduction.
  • Use of shared terminals. This facilitates the transfer of passengers and their luggage

Meet our codeshare partners:


Thanks to this agreement TACA offers its Passengers the following destinations in Canada: Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Calgary, Ottawa and Edmonton. These cities can be accessed from the HUB in San Salvador via Toronto, where passengers can connect with Air Canada flights to Montreal, Vancouver, Calgary, Ottawa and Edmonton. Destinations within Canada can also be served from Los Angeles, Orlando, Miami, Dallas, Chicago, Houston, San Francisco and Mexico, cities that also connect via Air Canada to destinations within Canada.


Through this alliance, TACA offers 8 destinations in addition to its operation within the United States. This agreement can be commercialized by TACA from any city that connects in Dallas, Los Angeles, Houston, Miami and San Jose, where the connection is made with US Airways to continue the journey to the cities of Charlotte, Phoenix, Boston, Minneapolis, Raleigh Durham, Las Vegas, Philadelphia and La Guardia.


TACA established a codeshare agreement with United Airlines with the goal of offering customers a wide range of destinations inside the United States: Arcata, Albany, Hartford, Boston, Burlington, Buffalo, Cleveland, Columbus, Dayton, Denver, Detroit, Newark, Fresno, Greensboro, Honolulu, Indianapolis, Las Vegas, La Guardia, Liberia, Kansas City, Harrisburg, Medford, Manchester, Monterey, Norfolk, Portland (Oregon), Philadelphia, Phoenix, Pittsburgh, Portland (Maine), Richmond, Reno, Roanoke, Rochester, San Diego, Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo, Seattle, San Jose, Sacramento, Santa Maria and Syracuse. Passengers can access these destinations in connection with Dallas, Washington, Houston, Los Angeles, Chicago and San Francisco.


Through this agreement flights coming from Germany, via Lufthansa, connecting in Sao Paulo, Caracas and Miami count on TACA connections to Lima and San Salvador.

Through this codeshare agreement, Cubana commercializes the San Jose (Costa Rica) Havana (Cuba) routes and vice versa operated by TACA/LACSA.

This alliance allows Iberia to commercialize flights operated by TACA from San Jose, Guatemala and Miami to the other destinations in Central America.

Taca and Avianca join together to provide a world-class air service and the largest network in the region, characterized by operational excellence. We offer travelers seventy-four (74) codeshare routes throughout the Americas.

We offer through our codeshare agreement with Aerogal, the premier airline in Ecuador, multiple weekly services between Lima and Medellin with a convenient connection in Quito.

With this codeshare agreement between TACA and Sky Airline, expand coverage and connectivity to six (6) destinations within Chile: Concepción, Antofagasta, Copiapo, Iquique, Puerto Montt, Calama.