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The day of the flight
Where to go  
Some airports have more than one terminal. When making ticket purchases ask which terminal your flight operates from so you know where to go.

In high season it is important to remember…  
High volumes of travelers/passengers are experienced during some weeks of the year due to holidays and special events. Therefore, we advise:

Before leaving home:  

1. Use our Web Check In / Online Check-in service. Depending on the country or destination some restrictions may apply when using this service.

2. If you final destination is within Colombia, we advise you to go to the airport one (1) hour before your flight departs and (3) hours before if it is an international destination. Immigration and customs processes are included within this calculation.

At the airport: 

1. Keep all travel documents at hand.

2. Look after your luggage at all times right up until you check them in at the counter.

3. Pay close attention to information regarding the boarding gate number and the time that you must be there to ensure you can board your flight.

4. Once you have checked your luggage go directly to the boarding gate. Due to the large number of people flying at the same time, long queues at customs and immigration are not uncommon.

At the boarding gate: 
1. Have your boarding documents at hand:
  • Passport
  • Boarding pass
  • Vaccination certificates and other documents

2. Take care of your personal belongings.

3. Periodically check any change to the boarding gate and pay attention to any announcements or instructions from our staff.

4. Please follow the boarding instructions to ensure that the process is quick for everyone.

In the aircraft: 

1. Look for the seat that was assigned to you.

2. If you have any question regarding carry-on luggage check with our cabin crew.

3. Please note that due to international civil aviation regulations, smoking or the use of any smoking device or materials, including electronic cigarettes, is completely prohibited.