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Baggage liability

Limits of baggage liability

We make every effort to avoid damage, delay, or loss of your baggage, however our liability is limited.

For international travel with TACA to which the Montreal Convention applies, our liability is limited to 1,131 SDR (Special Drawing Rights) per ticketed customer for checked and unchecked baggage. The value of an SDR varies with exchange rates and may be calculated by visiting the International Monetary Fund website.

As established by the Conditions of Carriage contained in your ticket, please note that the airline does not assume any responsibility for minor damage as a result of normal use and wear caused by its handling, including minor cuts, scratches, abrasions, dents, marks or dirt.

We recommend you do not include the following items in the baggage you check with the Airline (these must be taken in your carry-on baggage or shipped via a freight company. The airline's liability is limited if these items have not been declared):

  • Irreplaceable, fragile or high-value items: works of art, jewelry, money, personal documents, negotiable papers, medical documents and records, eyeglasses, keys, pens or branded pens, antiques, medicine, among others.
  • Electronic items and accessories: computers, electrical appliances, photographic equipment, medical equipment, cell phones, data storage devices (MP3 players, USB drives, external drives, iPods etc.), digital tablet computers (including iPads or similar), game consoles, PDAs and other electronic equipment or components including software, televisions, radios or similar elements.
  • Perishable food items: that have expiration dates or require refrigeration.

Consider carrying medication and/or important medical devices in your carry-on luggage.

To ensure your baggage from loss exceeding applicable liability limits, you may purchase third-party travel insurance to protect you from loss.

You are not automatically entitled to compensation. The amount of your damage or loss must be proven in order to receive compensation up to the applicable liability limit.