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We offer our sincere apologies for having caused any inconvenience with regards to your baggage. Our intention that all our Passengers arrive at their destination on the same flight as their luggage, with the baggage in the same conditions as it was when it was checked in. However, sometimes these unfortunate situations do occur.

Valuable items such as jewelry, computers, security documents, money, cameras, among others, should always be under the passenger's custody. Please note that these items should not be in the baggage you are going check-in, as the airline's liability is limited as long as these have not been declared.

TACA has taken all the necessary steps to protect and safeguard your baggage against any eventuality. However, please remember that bags and suitcases, designed to protect the contents of your baggage, during normal transport and handling, they may display signs of wear and tear, scratches, stains, dents, cuts or loss of protruding parts such as wheels, outer pockets, handles, locks or other attached items, so that these cases the Airline cannot assume responsibility for these specific minor damages and other causes resulting from handling.

In case of damage, provided that no pre-existence is established, we will respond according to the nature of the damage and by taking into account the labels previously attached by the check-in module staff.


  • Reports for theft do not apply for perishable goods, improperly packed baggage, or contents which have exceeded the normal capacity of bags/suitcases etc.
  • Seven (7) days after arrival of the passenger at the final destination, or after claiming the baggage from our facilities, all claims are barred.
  • Articles with limited liability, according to the laws and regulations, do not apply for claims such as: jewelry, money, irreplaceable documents, electronics, appliances, and the customer will not be given a "Baggage Claim Form" for theft of these articles. For more information please read the Contract of Carriage.
  • Claims for theft of items are not valid when the passenger arrived at the airport on another airline.
  • Electronics and appliances in their original packaging are applicable for claims, provided the passenger's route is part of the Warsaw Convention and they have original invoices. The passenger must present a receipt for excess baggage if applicable.

In case of any irregularity with regards to your baggage either through damage or loss of items, you have seven (7) days to file the claim either at the airport where the event occurred, the call center or through Taca.com. After this time the airline can not assume any liability or give any compensation in this regard. However, we will do our best to help solve your problem.

When situations of this type occur, although they are rare, we do have specific defined policies and procedures in place, in accordance with industry regulations and our own procedures.

The acceptance of a claim does not constitute an admission of liability by the airline, and it is only a first step prior to the respective investigation. If you have a claim it will be analyzed and compensation will be paid if applicable, in accordance with applicable regulations depending on the route flown and under the limitations of liability established by the Warsaw Convention, Montreal Convention or other applicable laws.

In cases of damage and theft the estimated time to authorize compensation and carry out the accounting process to disburse the payment takes approximately 3 to 4 weeks (assuming the traveler submits the necessary information on time).

You now have a reasonable time from the date the flight landed to formally make your claim to either: the Baggage Office at the respective airport, the baggage call center or through our online form to report problems with baggage. When contacting us please have your baggage tag number at hand.