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Late or delayed baggage

We offer our sincere apologies for having caused any inconvenience with regards to your baggage. Our intention that all our Passengers arrive at their destination on the same flight as their luggage, with the baggage in the same conditions as it was when it was checked in. However, sometimes these unfortunate situations do occur.

If your baggage did not arrive on your flight please notify us as soon as possible in our office at the airport, before leaving the airport. You must complete the “Baggage Claim Form” found in the Baggage Office at the terminal (which is normally in the baggage claim area). If you've already left the airport you can to file the report through our online form to report baggage irregularities.

You have a maximum of 21 days from the date you completed your flight to file a formal claim with either the Airport Baggage Office, via our website, or through the baggage call center. After making the claim, a baggage customer service consultant will contact you in a maximum of 2 days to assist you in resolving your problem.

Any traveler who is not a resident in the destination country and whose free baggage allowance did not arrive on the same day of travel, shall be entitled to compensation for basic necessities. Compensation for delayed luggage receipts must not include alcoholic beverages, high-end items or payments in luxury restaurants.

Baggage tracer

Your baggage details have been entered into our worldwide computerized baggage tracing system. To display information about your delayed bag, click here.

Eligibility for a claim for baggage irregularities

  • Baggage reports will be received when the Airline has been the last carrier under a single contract of carriage, regardless of which airline issued the ticket.
  • Only expenses for basic necessities are applicable if the passenger did not receive their baggage and is not a resident of the destination country.
  • To make a claim for delayed baggage the following are required:
    • The passenger must be present (when making the report at the airport).
    • Original baggage tag.
    • Original ticket.
    • Travel document.
    • Claims will only be accepted by phone through the baggage call center.

Our policy is to transport all delayed luggage pieces in a maximum of 24 hours, except in circumstances beyond the control of the airport, for example: lack of flights, high season, bad weather, among other reasons.

Our Customer Service Advisor will keep you constantly informed about the status of your baggage and let you know as soon as it is received.

You now have a reasonable time from the date the flight landed to formally make your claim to either: the Baggage Office at the respective airport, the baggage call center or through our online form to report baggage irregularities. When contacting us please have your baggage tag number at hand.