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General Conditions

Remember to have the correct documentation required by the authorities with you, for both the country of origin and destination. Please keep in mind that the authorities can open and inspect the luggage without you being present, even if it has been wrapped in plastic.

The following items are considered as baggage: clothes, personal items required for dressing, use, comfort or convenience of the traveler on his/her journey, either as hand luggage or checked in. You must put your name and address on the outside of the container (bag, box, etc.) you use to transport your belongings to facilitate recognition.

Special recommendations 

Packing your suitcase: 

  • Place the heaviest items at the bottom of the case in order to prevent creasing the clothes.
  • Put your shoes in small plastic bags to prevent grease and dust soiling your clothes.
  • Place liquids (shampoo, lotions and cosmetics) in plastic containers and inside a bag to protect against spillage.
  • Do not place fragile items in your luggage. Breakage or damage to these may be unavoidable. Because of the amount of space available in the cargo compartment of the aircraft, the bags may be stacked one on top of the other, and although they are secured with nets they may move during flight due to the angle of the plane.
  • For your safety and comfort, choose suitcases that conform to airline standards.

Checking your baggage 

  • Remove all tags from previous flights before checking your suitcase. This will prevent confusion and your luggage being sent to another city.
  • It is important that you identify your luggage with your name, address, city, country and phone number(s) (including area codes) on both the outside and the inside. The service module will provide labels.
  • We recommend that you lock the luggage. The service module can supply security seals if your luggage does not have a lock.
  • Take good care of the baggage tags given to you when you check in your luggage. Verify that the number of baggage tags is equal to the number of checked bags and that they match your destination.
  • Remove any straps, belts or other objects attached to your luggage so they cannot get entangled in the bands that carry the luggage and damage it.
  • Items that are incorrectly packed (e.g. boxes), or those that are considered fragile (e.g. pictures), may be received with a Limited Responsibility label.
  • Where customs regulations permit, the baggage will be checked to the final destination. At the connection point for some international flights (especially in the U.S.), even if your luggage is checked to your final destination, you must collect it, pass through Customs control and resubmit it to the Airline.

Baggage claim 

  • For your own security never agree to collect, look after or carry bags for somebody you don’t know.
  • Claim your baggage immediately after arriving at the destination airport. Make sure the baggage tag matches the one assigned to you.
  • If you cannot locate your luggage on your arrival, you must notify a member of the baggage staff before leaving the airport. They will explain the procedure for baggage delivery and give you a local phone number so you can get information about your luggage.

Interline agreements with other airlines 
  • The baggage policy of the airline that first crosses into the area shall apply (America, Europe and Africa, Asia and Oceania).
  • If the above condition does not apply, the policy of the airline that first crosses the sub-area shall be used (e.g. North-Central America).
  • If the above conditions do not apply, the policy of the airline that first crosses an international border shall be used.