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Musical Instruments

These can be checked in the hold or be carried as hand luggage, or you can occupy a seat. Only one musical instrument is permitted per passenger and luggage.

No extra charge for musical instruments that meet the following requirements apply:

  • Maximum weight must not exceed 22lbs/10kg
  • Maximum outer dimensions are 45plgs/114.3cm (length + height + width).
Musical instrument occupying seat: 

You must pay an additional adult fare in your own cabin. Remember that you are entitled to 2 additional items in your checked baggage. To transport your instrument in a seat in your cabin, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Maximum weight must not exceed 165.3lbs/75kg.
  • Maximum height must not exceed 80inches/203.2cm.


The musical instrument must be secured in the seat with a seat belt, otherwise it must travel with the other luggage.

Musical instrument as checked baggage: 

The instrument can count as one of the pieces allowed in your baggage allowance - if it meets the weight and size restrictions (see baggage policy). In addition, the packaging must ensure protection of the instrument for its normal use. It can also be checked as an extra piece, in addition to the free baggage allowance, subject to space. If the passenger has excess baggage and checks a musical instrument as one of the free allowed pieces, it shall be subject to oversized and / or overweight charges.


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