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Dangerous goods

The following items are considered as DANGEROUS GOODS and can affect your safety and that of the other travelers, and are not therefore allowed as baggage:

Dangerous goods
Explosives - Grenades
- Explosives
- Ammunition
- Incendiary material
- Gunpowder
- Fireworks
- Illuminated signals
- Lighter fluid
GAS Highly refrigerated compressed gases, flammable, slow combustion or poisonous gases - Butane
- Oxygen
- Liquid Nitrogen
Flammable liquid - Fuels
- Flammable Alcohols
- Fuel
- Ether
- Paints
- Thinner
Flammable solids Substances liable to spontaneous combustion. Substances that emit flammable gases when in contact with water - Camphor
- Sulfur
- Phosphorus
Oxidizing materials - Calcium chloride
- Peroxides
- Ammonium nitrate fertilizer
Toxic and infectious substances - Poison
- Infectious materials: insecticides, pesticides, weed killers, viral organic products.
Radioactive material - Flammable substances: acids, ammonia.
- Alkali substances: mercury, batteries containing liquid.
- Toxic substances, including gases, whether pressurized (aerosol) or not.
- Fire extinguisher charges
- Solvents
- Thinners

Check the other articles and items considered as dangerous goods.


The following items are allowed only as checked baggage:

  • Firearms: due to legal requirements on flights within Colombia, all weapons and ammunition must be declared and presented at the Office of the National Police in Colombian airports. On international flights weapons cartridges and small arms for sports may be transported with prior agreement with the Airline.
  • Wheelchairs / mobility aids with dry batteries: wheelchairs or other motorized devices operated by a dry battery can be transported provided the battery has been disconnected, its terminals protected against short circuits and if the battery has been secured to the wheelchair or other mobility aid.
  • Knives: sharp objects, tools such as hammers, saws, pincers, pliers, among others.
  • Empty oxygen tanks


Some of the above listed items can be transported as cargo, subject to being packaged in accordance with established safety procedures which must be done prior to the flight.

The above list is subject to change and it is the duty of every traveler to declare any dangerous item to the Airline. Carrying dangerous goods on an aircraft constitutes an illegal act that is subject to penalty. Consult our staff for further information.


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