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Group Travel 
TACA offers you special discounts when flying in groups of 10 or more passengers. We invite you to take advantage of this opportunity when traveling for family reunions, sports events or any other reason to travel in group

If you're planning to travel with a large party, ask for our group travel discounts and allow us to help you plan your trip.

    Benefits for Organizers 
  • Special fares for all group members.
  • Access to personal and specialized service.
  • Group fares also apply for LACSA, AVIANCA and TACA routes.
  • It's not necessary to provide us with all the information at the moment of applying for the discount. You may do so gradually throughout the proccess.
  • The option of booking the entire group on Business Class.

    Group Travel Restrictions 
  • Ten or more passengers are required to fly under the same itinerary and in the same cabin service.
  • Subject to availability.
  • Taxes and other charges may vary without notice.
  • If the group size reduces to less than ten passengers, group rate and benefits will no longer apply.
  • All passengers will then be subject to public fares and their restrictions.
  • Cancellations, penalties and/or fare leveling (pay the difference between the original fare you purchased and the one currently available) may apply in the following cases: expiration of any time limit, itinerary changes, and/or group size reductions.
  • Other restrictions may apply.