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Terms and Conditions

Requirements for Travel
  • Compliance with governmental documentation requirements for traveling, including but not limited to passports, visas, and/or vaccines are the exclusive responsibility of the passenger. We recommend you contact the consulate or embassy of the country or countries you plan to visit or transit through in order to get more detailed information.
  • The information provided by the passenger through our Online Check-in System is the sole responsibility of the passenger or user as well as any costs and/or fines imposed by customs or immigration authorities which could arise from the information provided. These will be covered and paid by the passenger or user.
  • The airline can cancel any ticket and/or disembark any passenger that provides incomplete, incorrect and/or false information. The same will apply to any ticket that has been purchased under the suspicion of a fraudulent act or transaction, when detected by the airline and/or any governmental authority. The airline assumes no liability for any of these actions. The passenger may also be fined and/or prosecuted under the applicable regulations and criminal laws.
Service at the Airport
  • Once checked in you should arrive at the departure gate at least one (1) hour before your scheduled flight departure.
  • If you are only traveling with your permitted checked baggage allowance, you may register it at the BAG DROP counters. We recommend you visit our Baggage Information, click here section for our complete baggage policy.
  • Bear in mind that some airport usage fees and taxes, special tourism fees, and/or tourist visas may not be included in the total cost of your ticket since not all governments allow airlines to charge them at the time of purchase. In these cases they must be paid when you check in at the airport before you board your flight or at the arrival of your flight at the destination, as they case may be.
Ticket Restrictions/Penalties
  • Depending on the ticket fare purchased, there may be a penalty for changes in your route or travel dates. Some tickets are fully reimbursable, others are partially reimbursable, and some are not reimbursable at all. There are also some tickets that do not allow any type of changes. The period of validity of every fare may vary. The period of validity of your fare may be different to that of your ticket. Before booking your flight, double check your travel dates and the restrictions applicable to the airfare you plan to buy. If you have any questions or need to make any change on your ticket, contact your nearest TACA Center o call us at our call centers before your date of departure.
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