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Business Class

You'll notice the difference from the moment you arrive at the airport: from our special check-in counters to the attentive service in our exclusive VIP Lounges, on board our aircraft, and upon arrival at your destination.

As a business class passenger, you'll be invited to board the aircraft first; there is no waiting in line.

We'll provide you with personal service throughout your flight while at the same time respecting your wish to work or rest without interruptions. You'll enjoy more comfort and tranquility with extra-wide seats and greater seat recline, adjustable headrests, lumbar support, and additional room for your legs.

As a valued member of our worldwide LifeMiles frequent flyer program:

  • If you are flying in Business Class and your fare is Premium, you will receive 100% plus 50% of LifeMiles
  • If your fare is Elite you will receive 100% plus 100% of LifeMiles .
  • When you travel in Business Class, you may check 2 pieces of luggage weighing up to 70lbs/32kgs each, without any additional fees.

Furthermore, before your flight, you can relax in our exclusive VIP Lounges where you'll enjoy a quiet and serene atmosphere well worth of an executive.

In Business Class you will also enjoy exclusive service: our complimentary food includes gourmet dishes prepared with the best ingredients and presented elegantly. In all our flights, we invite you to enjoy a wide variety of beverages and liquor courtesy of our open bar, and delight your palate with a choice between two meal options.

Business Class Menu

0:56 - 1:30 hrs. 1:32 - 3:00 hrs. 3 or more hours

Gourmet Meal

Gourmet Meal Light

Gourmet Meal with an Entry