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Economy Class

Depending on the route, in Economy Class you can check 2 pieces of baggage of up to 70lbs/32kg each at no extra cost. We recommend you read the Baggage Policy that applies to your flight.

You will be offered our courtesy meals with a variety of menus depending on your flying time: you can enjoy a small snack, medium snack, meal or complete meal, each consisting of fresh and high-quality ingredients. Our snack and meal service will be presented to you in new packaging, and you have the option of choosing between two varieties.

With our open bar, you will also enjoy a variety of beverages and liquor.

Economy Class Menu

0:56 - 1:30 hrs. 1:32 - 3:00 hrs. 3 or more hours



Complete Meal (Hot Meal)

To find out about the meal service options served in each of your flight connections, click here.