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Extra seat

You can choose this service in the following cases:

  • When you need to transport a piece of baggage in the cabin, for example, musical instruments.
  • When transporting more than 2 pieces of baggage and you need to guarantee they are transported on the same flight as you. A maximum of 2 additional pieces is allowed as the baggage allowance per extra seat.
  • If the passenger wants to fly but due to being overweight is unable to fit in a standard size seat.


  • In case of date change penalties, charges will apply for each ticket purchased in accordance with the conditions of each ticket.
  • To apply for the service two seats must be available that are side by side.
  • The contents of the piece of baggage must not compromise flight safety under any circumstances.
  • The piece will be subject to thorough review by the airline before being boarded.
  • If the customer goes to the ticket counter without a ticket for the extra seat, the available commercial fare will apply in accordance with normal procedures.
  • The piece of baggage must be properly packaged and should not exceed 75 kg and be no larger than 80 inches (height+width+length).