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Flights for minors

Below we detail several situations that can occur when traveling with children, with or without companions. Choose the one that best fits your specific case:

Unaccompanied minors


This is an assistance service offered to minors traveling alone who require assistance and support during their trip. The airline commits to accompanying the child from the moment they are received at the airport, assisting them constantly during the flight and delivering them to the person designated to receive them at their final destination.

The unaccompanied minors service does not include medical care and no airline employee is authorized to administer medicines to minors.

We recommend you take the following points into account before requesting this service:

  • The service is compulsory for children between 5 and 12 years on all routes.
  • The service is optional for minors between 13 and 17 years.
  • Only applies on connecting flights operated by Taca, Lacsa or Avianca.
  • Because there is a limit to the number of minors allowed per flight, it is suggested that the service is requested when making the reservation or up to 24 hours before the scheduled flight departure. The request must be confirmed for both outbound and inbound flights so the child can board the aircraft.
  • An adult must be present at the counter of the origin and destination airport so the child can complete their journey.
  • Information (name, ID number, address and telephone) of the person who will handover and receive the child must be at hand at all times. The minor will not be transported without this information.
  • Prior to the acceptance and documentation of an unaccompanied minor, the parents or guardians must complete and sign, legibly, the "Transporte de Menores sin Acompañar" [Transportation of Unaccompanied Minors] form which will be provided by the Airport staff. The information provided must be complete and true.
  • The person requesting the service and under whose responsibility the airline receives the minor, must remain available at the airport of origin until the flight leaves. Additionally, the person authorized to receive the child at the destination must be available at the destination airport at the scheduled flight arrival time or wait until the flight arrives.
  • You must consult the respective Departments of Immigration about the entry and exit requirements and/or authorizations required for the minor in the country of origin and destination.
  • The minor is responsible for handling their own baggage, electronic goods and items of value.

The minor using the service must:

  • Follow the instructions of the airline employees during their stay at the airport.
  • Wait in the aircraft until they can be accompanied by the cabin crew on landing.
  • Wait at the destination airport so that the airline employee can help them claim their baggage and accompany them to the airport exit to deliver the minor to the family member or person authorized to receive them at the destination airport.
  • Safeguard the contents of their carry-on baggage.


Unaccompanied minors will not be accepted if:

  • They are under five (5) years.
  • They are undergoing medical treatment.
  • The information requested in the form is not complete or does not coincide.
  • There is a delay and the minor runs the risk of missing their connection(s).
  • No unaccompanied minors will be returned to the airport of origin, except in those cases where there are unsolvable problems with documentation, or the person authorized to receive them at the airport of final destination does not show.
  • Minors cannot travel with excess baggage, extra pieces of baggage, or pets (in the cabin or as checked baggage, except when the unaccompanied minor requieres. Example: in case a guide dog or an Emotional Support animal).
  • No overnight stays and/or more than 2 connections are allowed.
  • A minor between 13 and 17 is not allowed to take charge of another child aged between 0 and 12 years, unless they are the child’s parent. In this case they must prove they are the parent of the child, so they can both travel without requiring the unaccompanied minors service.

The charges for this service are:

Routes to or from
Routes within Peru USD15 (+applicable local taxes)
Routes Within Colombia COP30,000 (+applicable local taxes)
United States, Canada, Spain USD115 (+ applicable local taxes)
Within Latin America USD90 (+ applicable local taxes)


  • The charge applies per route (Origin – Destination and does not apply to connecting flights).
  • The charge applies to both business and economy class cabins
  • The charges apply to each minor traveling, regardless if they are included in the same booking or are siblings.
  • These charges may change without prior notice.

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Brazilian Minors


If only one of the parents is traveling with the minor, you must show the judicial authorization obtained at the minors court. The authenticated signatures of both parents must appear on the authorization. In order to obtain the authorization you must present the following documents at the court:

  • Proof of residence.
  • Passport of the minor.
  • Copies of pages 1, 2 and 3 of the minor's passport.
  • ID document and registration card of Contributors (Cadastro de Pessoas Físicas or CPF) of the father and the mother (original plus a copy).

If the minor is traveling alone

If this applies in your case you must present an authorization letter which does not need to be approved by a judge, where it clearly expresses the approval of the father and mother for the minor to leave the country. This approval must be accompanied by complete names and ID card numbers, as well as the authenticated signature of each of the parents.

You must take the documents with a photo attached and two original photocopies.

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Traveling with Infants/babies


Infant: is defined as a baby from 0 to 23 months. An infant is defined as any child who has not yet reached 24 months (2 years).


  • A ticket for an infant must be associated with an adult and must be sold at the same time as the adult ticket.
  • Children aged 24 months (+1 day), must pay a child fare (where applicable) or an adult fare.
  • If the infant is 24 months (+1 day) before or on the return travel date, it will no longer be considered an infant.
  • For business and economy cabins the current baggage allowance for infant passengers applies.
  • One infant can travel per adult on the lap of the adult.
  • Infants must be secured when the fasten seatbelt sign is turned on.

An adult can transport a maximum of 2 infants in accordance with the following conditions

  • The first infant must fly seated on the lap of an adult and must use the seatbelt for infants provided by the cabin crew. The adult must hold the infant.
  • The second infant must pay for a seat and be transported in a crib or appropriate approved baby seat labeled for use on commercial aircraft.

If an infant requires a seat:

  • They must travel with an adult ticket.
  • A baby carrier/seat that meets the safety requirements of the FAA (Federal Aviation Association) must be attached to the plane seat (please check the information on the back of the baby seat to verify its characteristics), otherwise, the baby seat will be classified as an extra piece of baggage in addition to the baggage allowance. Note that respective charges may apply.
  • When traveling with an adult ticket, the baby has the right to the meal service and baggage allowance.

Please also note:

  • If the infant is under 10 days old both the mother and baby must present a medical certificate attesting their fitness to fly.
  • Baby strollers must comply with the baggage regulations to be taken into the cabin otherwise they must be checked (subject to excess baggage charges).

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Discounts on tickets for minors

Discounts for minors depend on several factors, including:

  • The origin and destination of the flight.
  • The specific conditions of the fare or promotion. Some special offers/promotions may not be eligible for any discount.
  • The type of cabin chosen (Economy or Business).

See the complete information about fares for minors.

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